Pearle Harbour's Chautauqua

WINNER: Audience Choice Award (SummerWorks)

WINNER: Outstanding Solo Performance, (My Ent. World Critic's Pick Awards)

WINNER: Outstanding Play, Outstanding Production, Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Design (NOW Magazine Best of Fest)

NNNN, Critic's Pick: "Who knew that a show performed by a drag queen in a recreation of an old-time tent revival could act as a balm for souls anxiously living in an age of economic, ecological and political uncertainty?And while many shows employ audience interaction and participation, this is one of the few I've seen where the practice encourages a sense of community healing and togetherness." NOW Magazine

A+++++++ ... "This is everything I want to see, everything I want hear, everything I want to be." My Entertainment World

"Genius... with stage presence like that — I would believe pretty much anything this woman told me."Mooney On Theatre

"While Harbour is always in commanding control of the proceedings, the heart of the performance is in her impeccably effortless interaction with the audience (as a whole and with individual members)... Miller is masterful to watch." ARTS VOX

"It’s ready to be rolled up and transported anywhere Miller and co. are willing to take it." Torontoist, Highlights and Lowlights of SummerWorks 2017

Sunday School

"Pearle’s outfit gives another meaning to the word “bombshell,” but she’s more than just a pretty face... The song "Empathy", spelled “Empithy,” with emphasis on the “pithy,” most strongly articulates Pearle's enthusiasm... [her] humour is best when it’s most caustic." — Toronto Star

"Miller pushes the envelope by satirizing the members of the audience - intellectual, liberal, politically correct, the majority white-privileged, etc - quite mercilessly. Pearle Harbour's Sunday School is a tour de force. [She] is in total command of the stage (and the audience hears if Pearle thinks their attention has wandered) …and the ending, one of the darkest, most nihilistic and incredibly funny jokes I have seen, is wonderfully horrific.” — My Gay Toronto

"Sunday School was a barely controlled explosion of religious satire, drag, sexual harassment, and arts and crafts." — Drew Rowsome

"The egalitarian atmosphere meant no one in the audience was safe from Pearle Harbour’s playful scrutiny and acidic wit." — Guelph Today

Die Fledermaus

SCHMOPERA TOP SHOW (2016) — "When you get the chance to use a drag queen of Pearle Harbour's charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, you know you showed up at the right party."

“As her BFF and entourage leader, female impersonator Pearle Harbour was a delight. She brought the right amount of camp to bring this production of Die Fledermaus over the line from the silly to the sublime. A wonderful character actor!” — Schmopera

"Then there’s Ms. Harbour.  She’s simply divine, darlings." — Opera Ramblings

Other Appearances

15 Stage Artists to Watch in 2018: "Charging into battle/performance in a series of crisp military-styled ensembles, Pearle Harbour is one of Toronto’s most successful drag theatre personalities. The brainchild of writer/performer Miller, she’s fearless, well-read, introspective and empathetic.” — NOW Magazine

"One of the most welcome additions to Toronto’s performance scene… Pearle is glamorous, poised, and devastatingly funny." — Daily XTRA

"Pearle Harbour, a drag queen who’s as tart as Rosalind Russell." — Toronto Life Theatre & Culture TOP PICK

"Pearle Harbour is the very definition of letting it rip." — Drew Rowsome