Part corporate internship, part Lord of the Flies. Worst. Job interview. Ever.

Hart House presents a remount of indie-theatre powerhouse Kat Sandler’s biting satire Retreat; a merciless takedown of the eat-and-be-eaten mentality of the contemporary workforce.

Four interns are dropped off at a dilapidated children’s camp, led by intrepid scoutmaster Candace Matchwick (as played by drag superstar Pearle Harbour), and left to a winner-take-all battle royale. The grand prize? A coveted, salaried job at Fischer, Cox, Sutton & Tate. Maybe.


WINNER of the Hart House Subscriber Award, Favourite Lead Performance

Pearle Harbour as Candace Matchwick

All photos by Scott Gorman

“Harbour can make an entrance, arch an eyebrow, flex a clumsy gam, or deliver a double entendre without breaking a nail, but she also plays Matchwick's tragic flaws with more subtlety than burlesque… her final monologue that rivets as much as the copious violence and gore it punctuates. She earns her spectacular exit, complete with devastating double take, and the spontaneous applause it generates.”

My Gay Toronto

“An ace in the hole bit of casting… it’s Harbour who is the queen bee in these woods. And for those who have yet to see Pearle Harbour in one of her hit solo shows, she’ll be a Baby Jane-esque revelation.”

My Entertainment World

“The casting of [Pearle Harbour] was a stroke of genius. As a performer Pearle Harbour is magnetic and larger-than-life. She is letter perfect for the role and deftly delivers both the campy humour as well as the few genuine heartfelt moments in the show. It felt as if the role was written specifically to showcase her talents and it is worth the price of admission to see her performance alone.”

Mooney On Theatre