Upcoming Appearances


Wavelength Winter Fest

Join Pearle at The Garrison (1197 Dundas W) for the 19th edition of one of Toronto’s best and boldest musical festivals.

Guest Curator for 2019: Pearle’s longtime ally and good judy, the incomparable Emma Bortolon-Vettor (FPOP Collective)

Pearle will be hosting Saturday, February 16th, featuring performances by:



Future Pears

Isla Den

Pearle stars in Kat Sandler’s RETREAT

In a world where entering the work force means fighting for an unpaid internship, Retreat looks at the darker, and oftentimes comical, side of employment competition. Written by indie-theatre powerhouse, Kat Sandler, Retreat brilliantly explores the journey of four candidates who go on a hilarious, unexpected adventure to see who will “live up to” the job.

Featuring Pearle Harbour as your campy camp leader, Candice Matchwick!

Playing at Hart House Theatre, March 1-9, 2019.