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An old-time,


tent revival


You Betcha!

Speak Truth, Live Pure

Right the Wrong, Follow the Way

Be honest: how are you doing? Are you behind on your emails? Are you worried? Afraid? Lost?

You are not alone. And all are invited to Pearle Harbour's Chautauqua, where connection is the cure for what ails ya. Gather under the milky folds of our beautiful Tent. Be sheltered from the inharmony of these tough times. Catch your breath. Speak your Truth. Feeeeel the People Power! You betcha!

Chautauqua is an immersive extravaganza: part cabaret, part tragicomedy, part Tent Revival. There's music, sing-a-longs, puppet shows and even an exorcism! The world may be falling apart, but Pearle will show you that there's more that unites us than divides us.

* * * WINNER of the Audience Choice Award at SummerWorks! * * *

* * * WINNER, Outstanding Solo Performance, My Entertainment World Critic's Pick Awards! * * *

A+++++++ ... "This is everything I want to see, everything I want hear, everything I want to be."

My Entertainment World

NNNN ... Critic's Pick: "Who knew that a show performed by a drag queen in a recreation of an old-time tent revival could act as a balm for souls anxiously living in an age of economic, ecological and political uncertainty?

And while many shows employ audience interaction and participation, this is one of the few I've seen where the practice encourages a sense of community healing and togetherness."

NOW Magazine

Outstanding Play + Outstanding Production + Outstanding Performance + Outstanding Direction + Outstanding Design

NOW Magazine Best of Fest, Summerworks 2017

"Genius... with stage presence like that — I would believe pretty much anything this woman told me."

Mooney On Theatre

"While Harbour is always in commanding control of the proceedings, the heart of the performance is in her impeccably effortless interaction with the audience (as a whole and with individual members)... Miller is masterful to watch."


“It’s ready to be rolled up and transported anywhere Miller and co. are willing to take it."


*   *   *

Pearle Harbour's Chautauqua was developed at The RISER Project 2017, a collaborative producing model with Why Not Theatre.


SummerWorks Performance Festival — Toronto, ON (2017)

Headlined Intrepid Theatre’s queer performance festival OUTstages — Victoria, BC (2018)

Inaugural national company for Pi Theatre’s Provocateur Series at The Cultch — Vancouver, BC (2018)

Opened Theatre Passe Muraille’s 50th anniversary season — Toronto, ON (2018)

Upcoming: 33rd High Performance Rodeo — Calgary, AB (2019)

*   *   *

written by Justin Miller & Pearle Harbour / directed by Byron Laviolette with Rebecca Ballarin / dramaturgy by Sandra Balcovske / live accompaniment & composition by Steven Conway / production design by Joseph Pagnan / Tent by Haley Reap / puppets by Jesse Byiers lighting design by Jareth Li / sound design & composition by Deanna Choi / stage management by Giuseppe Condello