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A drag concert extravaganza, Distant Early Warning reimagines some of history’s most popular pro-war songs, and hopes to make sense of the crisis to come. Featuring a full band and dazzling new orchestrations of Wartime wonder and tragicomedienne Pearle Harbour presents a crash course in resistance, revolution, and survival in an era of era of resurgent fascism and apocalyptic climate uncertainty. Are you ready for the fight of your lifetime?

 “Music affects the heart and emotions more than the intellect. Where then could the heart of nation beat stronger than in the huge masses, in which the heart of a nation has found its true home?”
Joseph Goebbels

 “Good music wins great wars… and if all the history I carry on my Ayn Randian back has made me sure of anything, it’s this: Nazis hate cabaret!”
-- Pearle Harbour | history.png
Photo of Justin Miller by Tanja Tizana

Photo of Justin Miller by Tanja Tizana

First conceived and developed as the neo-Weimar cabaret Battle Cry for the 39th Rhubarb Festival at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, featuring guest performers Keith Lam and Ashleigh Furniture.

Battle Cry v.2 was presented to a sold-out house at Buddies’ 2018 Queer Pride Festival, ft. special guests Keith Lam and Erin Lawson.

Buddies In Bad Times Theatre - the longest running queer theatre in the world - then invited Pearle Harbour to join the company as an artist-in-residence, to further develop the show and hone its attack.

Distant Early Warning (D.E.W.) enters its second year of residency in 19/20, following a sold-out workshop presentation at the 2019 Queer Pride Festival.

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written by Justin Miller
directed by Lauren Gillis // dramaturgy by Sandra Balcovske
musical direction by Steven Conway //
musicians Emma & Sara Bortolon-Vettor (BONNIE TRASH)
artistic consultants Karen Hines & Adam Lazarus | look.png

* * * Archival photography and videography taken from Rhubarb Festival performance of Battle Cry, February 2018.